The possibility of making a highly creative decoration and that predisposes from the architectural context the idea that is intended to capture is one of the most sought after options, but transforming a space is generally considered expensive and not referring directly to furniture but to spatial conditions, placing recessed luminaires, creating classic highlights such as guards, decorating our ceilings and even representing shapes on our walls is always a real problem, but the truth is that there are alternatives not only economic but very simple that can give you the perfect frame to develop any decorative concept.

plaster decoration

We refer to the plaster moldings, gypsum is economically highly malleable and capable of representing any morphology, even more if its benefits are enhanced by its durability and simple that is actually implement it, so we will repair this feature and present some concepts ideal for classic and commercial decoration.

plaster decoration 3

First of all we will highlight the Classic space alternatives, where without a doubt the detail counts and the representation of the artist takes a great value, for that reason it is important to take into account these possibilities, in the first place the plaster can be applied in any space, even in stoves where the coating is usually expensive and difficult to consider, to solve this dilemma we can resort to the plaster that is capable of imitating fine columns that imitate materials such as marble with incredible edges and extremely careful details, to achieve it is very simple for it the artist or carpenter implements molds with what is possible to reproduce the piece as many times as necessary.

plaster decoration 1

Another feature Potentially decorative is found in the moldings applied on the luminaires, moldings that are implemented on its enclave point, an extremely classic element, which has been implemented for more than 100 years to decorate and dress the sumptuous luminaries, with the difference that they were the result of an artist's work today. purchased as standard and do not have higher costs while They deliver a great aesthetic result.

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plaster decoration 4

Create with plaster guards even shelves is another great solution for those looking for a minimal decoration but careful and very well achieved, if somewhere in a classic decoration look for a commercial concept, it is here when the plaster achieves its greatest benefits, we refer to the possibility of playing with the avant-garde recessed luminaires, create shelves, arrange neons and achieve a highly refined concept, similar to what can be seen in spaces such as opticians and pharmacies where this solution is the most applied, is achieved by lightweight aluminum structures on which plaster sheets are applied. later they are finished by a fine stylization work, economic, acoustic, able to insulate thermally and generating space for wiring, the plaster is a ideal solution in economy and aesthetics.

plaster decoration 6