It has been said on many occasions and publicly and privately that I am obsessive. I add that in the best possible way because I choose on which I am going to obsess and thanks to that I have become an expert cook, in wide knowledge of the restaurants of Japanese food in the city and in a successful masseuse. I try to channel all overflowing "interest" that I put on "some" things and in that way I learn.

Now I'm dealing with the Modern style -ojo, not to confuse it with modernism, because it's different! -Which had different names depending on the region where they developed and the local variations. Seen quickly Art Nouveau and Liberty is the turn of the hard to pronounce; Jugendstil in Germany, which took its name in Munich for the JUGEN youth magazine that promoted the style.

The design of the pieces tries to abolish the hierarchy between art and crafts, is evocative and favors simplicity, abstraction, curves and organic forms. This table lamp designed by Peter Behrens, maximum exponent of the style, is made of bronze and glass. Presents a natural motif typical of the style. More information on the website