Every time we have to clean the house, we ask ourselves why a machine has not already been invented to sweep, scrub, clean the windows, remove the dust, water the plants, wash the clothes, nourish the wood and wash the dishes. Then we respond that we already have some machines like the washing machine, the tableware and the vacuum cleaner for the floors; of dust and crystals, not to mention. But what we really want is not to have to operate the machine, ideally, for example, the vacuum will go on its own, cleaning the floor; without falling down the stairs, being effective and accurate. What a pleasure we would have with the floors of our house cleaned, always.

Aspirator robot cruiser Siemens VSR8000.jpgbig
Well, in the case of the vacuum cleaner, the SIEMENS appliance manufacturer has launched the SENSOR CRUIS automatic machine, which runs through the rooms of the spaces, cleaning at depth and, thanks to its memory sensors, covering all the corners. It does not roll through the voids and recharges itself, at the same time that it discharges the accumulated dust in its routes.
It's time to have our first robot at home. We can find it in SIEMENS points of sale and distributors. Also visiting the website http://w1.siemens.com/entry/es/es/.

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