I am a tolerant woman and that implies that I am not surprised mostly by the negative or the positive but this does not mean that I do not have criteria and that I can not define my limits, which by the way are very broad. Some people are not prepared to introduce the design in their life or at least not the novel proposals, not to mention the risky ones, of the transgressors. To do so implies going beyond personal limits and exploring unknown territories, implies being brave and believing in instinct, it is necessary to have an open mind, to be very receptive.

I understand, and I know from experience, that the ability to appreciate different proposals develops over time and is not inherent in people, it is not natural. It is necessary to train the view and to introduce a little in the theory and in the history to be able to understand the context in which the design has been produced and its meaning. Sometimes it can be incomprehensible and in those cases I put it aside myself, but I always give the opportunity. Many times I am surprised and I fall in love.

I recently met the work of a Spanish designer, ARTURO ÁLVAREZ, who proposes very striking and useful objects, perfect for a woman in need of design and novelty in her apartment, like me. The VENTO lamp, which is one of my favorite pieces, is a somewhat aggressive but very useful interpretation of pop design. Very colorful, large and powerful bright. More information on the website www.arturo-alvarez.com