If you thought you had already seen everything in terms of decoration and furniture restoration, today we propose to surprise you with the creations of TrastoStore that we discovered yesterday in your presentation event. It is a new concept that restores your furniture based on the combination of colors and the use of decoupage technique, and others, on all kinds of decorative elements.

trastostore - chairs and tables with fabric restored
Combination of fabrics and wallpapers of gingham, Scottish and other floral patterns

Who is behind Trastostore?

Aurora Amat and Aurora Baena (mother and daughter) propose us to "depress" the furniture we have stored, those we find by street markets or even on the street about to become garbage.

With their complex of "traperas" with glamor, they have created this new concept that they make available to the interested public in three different ways:

Realization of «disturbances» on request to renovate some decorative object based on the range of colors and style that the client requests. Aurora mother said that sometimes customers show them where they want to add a "deranged" item or even who wants to insert a piece of cloth from a coat or old dress from which they want to keep a memory.

It also has «Upsets» ready to buy that you can see on your website or your showroom as lamps, armchairs, chairs, frames, tables ... Finally, to organize events, it has a service of furniture rental and creation of spaces as shop windows.

Youth, experience and creativity are us, mother and daughter

trastostore - restoration of furniture with fabrics - Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn-inspired corner with Chanel-style fabrics

The art of decoupage led to the restoration of furniture

Aurora mother, in charge of the restoration projects, commented the work behind each piece. For example, the lamps are completely removed to clean and treat them against rust, they change all the wiring and light bulbs, and finally, we proceed to the application of fabrics, papers and beads combined. They are works that with their drying processes take several weeks of dedication.

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He also told us that the antique furniture and vintage style They are the ones that inspire you the most to make your pieces, even if they have a broken leg and the restoration costs more time than expected.

trastostore - doors, frames with fabric
Old doors converted into picture frames and checkered picture frames

What do you think of these "upsets" that I photographed in your showroom in Madrid yesterday? If you want to see more you just have to go through their website www.trastostore.com where you will see incredible pieces like their chandeliers full of colorful, unique and customizable details, their headboards, tables, chairs and other salvaged furniture.

lamp made of cloth, crystals and colored balls

decoupage table decoupage frame decoupage headboard decoupage chair

How is decoupage done?

Many of you have asked us about this technique and its application in furniture and other crafts. Therefore, we show you this short YouTube tutorial with which you can start. Of course, start with small pieces of little value such as a picture frame, and then expand according to the practice.

We hope it will help you and encourage you to customize your own furniture! And if you do not have time and prefer to go to professionals, do not forget what we have told you about Trastostore. No doubt you can see that they have been working for years combination of fabrics, papers and furniture restoration Well, the results are really impressive.


  1. Very cool! A perfect way to take advantage of the remnants of cloth we have at home.

  2. What a cool furniture, I loved it. A perfect way to recycle and take advantage of the remnants of fabric that we have at home. Thank you!

  3. Hello Gladis, if you want send us a picture of those frames that you say and we give you some ideas.

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