We know about feelings from always but now that we have grown a few things never left and more, never get in the way. There is a type of elements that even though we add a lot, we never wanted to eliminate any of them because they are mainly useful. The utensils for serving food such as dishes, cutlery and utensils are carefully stored and kept in good condition. Others, such as chairs and armchairs, always come in handy and are never left over, chairs are also an auxiliary table, chairs with backs are coat racks.

There is floor space that I have always liked a lot and it is the hall. Transition between the exterior and interior, the reception space of the house and where a visiting friend can leave their things and be comfortable. The place is special because it filters and prepares people to share the space, by passing it. I do not think of putting many elements in the hall, beyond a piece of furniture for the coats, a long bench, a mirror, a small rug. This space deserves to have a wonderful light and is perfect to put a floor lamp. It's the first floor lamp that's why it's so important.


I was looking for the floor lamp but I decided on a floor lamp, a table lamp and a ceiling lamp, not very intense and in good shape. For the floor I want the SPECTRA designed by Sharon Goh. It is a very delicate piece that serves very well on a hard surface like wood that will be the floor that you use for the hall. The paper is resistant but requires care and little movement. In a corner of the hall, on the floor, will be very good. More information on the website www.dandelion.idasia.org