The latest design of Karim Rashid It is a lamp and its name is Trex. Although on this occasion he has not used the vivid colors to which he has accustomed us, if he has followed his usual style and has created this thermoformed acrylic lamp that rests on a three-armed spine.

The material used allows light and shapes to pass through its surface and the flat metal base allows the user to mount it both on the wall and on the ceiling, thus choosing the place where we can use it.

Another interesting feature of its design is that despite being individual pieces they can be connected to each other, so that different formations can be made and therefore also larger lamps, which occupy even a wall.

Itre will be the company that commercializes this design that is also sold with 22 watt and 40 bulb, depending on the lighting we want.

More information: Itre

Via: Hometone