The typical Tripp Trapp chair or chair, It's not new ... but it's still unique. Forty years later it continues to accompany the growth and development of the youngest. In this way today, in 2.0 decoration, we will talk about Opsvik.

If you are looking for children's details and articles, both beautiful and functional, perhaps today's article could be very useful. The smallest of the house have a lot to say, as far as decoration is concerned.

Pedro Opsvik is a great designer, whose fixation was to design a chair that not only accompanied the child in his early years ... but could accompany people of any height.

The claim of Opsvik It was to build this type of chair, in this way it would revolutionize the Tripp Trapp concept itself. Well, otherwise, when the child is removed from his highchair and seated in an adult chair, the legs will be hanging.

With the passage of time, this type of chair has evolved. Now you can also include, at the table, the baby at home, with set ready for everything you need.

Currently this concept of trona has managed to change, so The Tripp Trapp Stroller fits all our needs, from babies to adulthood itself ... surprised?

The Tripp Trapp is disassembled in a simple way to occupy the smallest space .. and as a final surprise, this chair incorporates a rocker arm ... so enjoy!

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