I am my son's slave, I am his adorer, his main fan: I have never seen a more handsome child in my life: what eyes, what hair, what gums. I am sure that when he grows up he will be the best in his class, he will be schooled in college and will be the best athlete. I hope he studies politics because I think he has a president's smile. I love him! My child is a sun and every time I see him in the morning he fills me with optimism and happiness.

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Everything is perfect with the baby but I must accept that sometimes, when I have to feed him, he manages to alter my nerves. It is not that he behaves badly or that he does not comply with my instructions -that after a few minutes after starting to eat they become supplications-, but that he has not yet developed the sense of discipline, order and cleanliness. It is a beautiful baby and to facilitate feeding and improve my stress levels I have decided to use an ideal table to learn how to behave.

The chair for feeding young children SCOOP, created by the British firm SEYMOURPOWELL, brings the latest design to the baby's table. The rounded surfaces that characterize its shape do not lead to the accumulation of bacteria or the possibility that the child is harmed. The height of the chair is adjustable, from the height of an armchair to that of a bar, which is when it is higher. It is removable and therefore easy to clean and load. More information on the Website www.seymourpowell.com