We have already told you how decorate a room or large space, so that it is cozy and looks very good. But it is true that having a lot of space is not a problem, unless you do not have a lot of furniture to set it up with. The problem is a small space, which can make it look slightly cramped and is when we need and want it to look wider, resulting in a sense of space that makes us feel comfortable.

So today we tell you about one of the best tricks to visually expand a small space, in this case the room, although the same applies to all areas of the home and you can see that it is very effective and flattering. It also imposes this trick to decorate a small room, an elegant and orderly appearance that we already know are vital in a really attractive decoration.

Our trick to decorate a small room consists of the use of carpet, use carpet throughout the room in a neutral color and clear as beige or white but because it is more practical you can choose less clear colors but should be colors that adapt beautifully to the rest of things in the living room, such as furniture, curtains and others. So using carpet creates an illusion of more space.

This appearance of more space is enhanced if you also paint the ceiling the same color as the carpet, and this is why it is important that it be a lighter shade so that the environment is not "darkened". Choosing a quality carpet and combining it with the color of the ceiling makes the space "visually" look bigger than it really is. Take care that if you can not use carpet or you do not like them, or they are too expensive, painting the ceiling with the floor of the same color works equally advantageous.

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