I live in a flat, and since I moved I am obsessed with space, and after living in a house where there was space left, now on the floor I see that I do not fit anything. So when it comes to putting furniture to decorate I decided on the furniture and decorative elements that also serve to store things.

For example, I bought the bed with a sofa, the sofa has two drawers with two drawers, and as if that was not enough, I put a bed in the guest room, which are all drawers underneath.

But to save space, I think I'm going to opt for the trunks, because there are many sizes and different styles and colors.

The good thing about the báules is that they can be placed in any environment, which serves to store objects, and thus maintain order in our home. But they also serve as a seat or as an auxiliary table.

The most common spaces where these decorative elements can be placed are in the bedroom at the foot of the bed, in the children's room as a decorative element to store toys or costumes, or in the living room to use it as a shelf or side table.

In the market you can find models of trunks, but if you are a handyman you can get a trunk in natural pine and decorate it your way, painting it as you want, or wrapping it in cloth, ...

To see if you dare to put a baul in your life, or in your bedroom, or in the living room, ... because in addition to decorating you will be taking advantage of the space.

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  1. Hi. I loved the baul as interior decoration, I would like to know where I can see it live and its price. Thank you

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