If you are one of those who do not have square meters, if your home is smaller than a shoe box or you are just so organized that everything you have to have in a closet ... today we present an idea that can revolutionize your world.

Transforming an 2 x 6 meters cabinet can be very practical to create an office inside. The idea is to take advantage of each cm of the closet creating a comfortable and practical solution to have our business at home.

First we will paint the interior of the wardrobe, we can use paint of different colors or make a composition with one or two colors. In this case, wallpaper has been used as interior decoration. A beautiful turquoise floral design has been chosen.

Secondly, we will screw cork or plywood panels inside the doors. These are very useful for hanging hooks and placing papers and other accessories on the doors. We can also paint them the same color as the inside of the cabinet.

The chair is from Ikea. Practical and stylish will help us in the long hours of work. Its wheels will allow us to slide without any problem.

Of Ikea are also the shelves. We must bear in mind that those who buy should be light. We can locate some shelves to organize our small office.

Lighting is an important point. On this occasion it has been chosen to hang a beautiful ceiling lamp. Also on the desk we see another lamp that will help us in the tasks.

To give a touch of color, a small carpet of colors has been placed on the feet. We can also use colors in office accessories and other items.

To locate pencils, paper clips, pens ... etc. We will use colorful cups, vases and containers that will help us maintain order in our workplace.

Finally, to make the small desk that we will place inside the wardrobe, it is not necessary big complications. On this occasion they have chosen to locate two metal office filing cabinets. They are painted in the same colors as the wallpaper.

On the filing cabinets, of standard size, we place a wooden board, melamine or whatever comes our way. This will make the desk and worktable.

As you can see in just a few steps we have created an office at home, and not only that, but nobody will suspect that inside the closet you can achieve such a creative and practical space.

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