The role of television in the creation of activities and routines associated with our intimate family life is undeniable. It is considered that this appliance fulfills the function that formerly had the fireplace or home in the kitchen: gather the family around the heat to maintain a communication. Heat has been replaced by light and images, and communication is no longer introspective and domestic but open, global and infinite.

We interact with the world thanks to the use of televisions, which also fulfill other derived functions such as radio, mini-chain, telephone, computer and, more recently, devices for ambient lighting.


Achieving the use of television as a lamp is simpler than it seems and very beneficial when it comes to arranging and furnishing our spaces. Using the ingenious COLOR LIGHT accessory for DVDs, the screen of any television will become a light box. The lighting that we will achieve will vary every 20 minutes and will be a tour of the full spectrum of all the colors and their tones. It is really much easier if we think that it is only worth US $ 22 and it arrives at our house in five days. Orders are placed through the website