Window decoration is an important aspect of home decoration, as it keeps your home in a way that looks and feels more cozy and cute.

The blinds, curtains, curtains, borders, etc., are part of the decoration as well; However, before buying anything to decorate the windows, you need to think about what your needs, your desires, and your tastes are. After knowing your needs, buy the elements of the window most appropriate to the decoration you want.

Here are the different types of window decorations that can be considered to be applied in your home.

The blinds in windows:

When it is not only a cover but also the decoration of the window, then the blinds can be an optimal option over all other types of covers.

1). The wooden blinds. Although it is an expensive option, but if you can get them easily is a very good option. However, its disadvantages include being much more expensive and the possibility of deformation if from some part it gets wet.

The wooden blinds are not only lightweight, they are also strong, making it a perfect choice.

2). Blinds. These curtains are usually used in new apartments, they are very cheap but very easy to break, and are made of some kind of plastic.

3). Imitation wood blinds. These blinds are a cheap substitute for wooden blinds, with several disadvantages. Although they are very heavy, they are also very weak, and are easy to break. However, if money is the problem, you can choose these, as they better serve as 'cheap wood blinds'.

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Horizontal and vertical blinds:

The blinds can be both horizontal and vertical. Whether it's windows, doors, or anything else, both are great for different scenarios and places.

1). The horizontal blinds. These blinds are good for windows, since they have lists that go from left to right.

2). The vertical blinds. These blinds are good for sliding doors, as they have slates hanging from top to bottom.