The planet needs big actions to overcome or at least alleviate, climate change, or if you prefer to call it another way global warming; but it also needs small initiatives, from home, from the towns, from the cities.

tree garbage bags

An example of these initiatives is the one developed by the Cristina Enea Foundation and the Environment Department of the Town Hall of San Sebastián. Together they have installed a Christmas tree made of plastic bags in the Plaza de Ugartemendía, in the city of San Sebastián.

The whole tree has been made with recycled elements, whether plastic bags, water drums, balls, etc ... The structure is erected as a backbone of 5 m. height and is covered by a metal fence. On this fence is what the bags of commercial use have been linked to. The color white is predominant, the color of the tree, and the bags of other colors have been destined to make the balls.

Once Christmas is over and they have fulfilled their mission, they will be recycled to avoid generating more waste. It is one of the most beautiful trees we have seen so far, in addition to its aesthetic beauty for the beauty of its purpose.

Vía: The world of recycling

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