When I saw the designs of Briton Jason Taylor, images of my childhood came to me. I remembered when my grandmother told me how she liked to wash "old fashioned" clothes. She told me that on that trip I had made to Colombia to visit my newly married parents, she was fascinated by the laundry they had on the farm. From that laundry room, located in the back of the house, you could hear a river. The water that came out of the tap, my grandmother used to tell me, came out strong, and there was a big stone where the clothes were rubbed with a wooden brush and yellow bristles, and soap with a natural smell was used, like the Marseille we know in Spain , but that there, strange thing, was blue. Scrubbing was the best way to remove stains.

That's why when I discovered the wooden bench Scrub Together (we mopped together), all this came to my head. It is a simple wooden bench, with slightly sinuous lines, clearly inspired by a brush used in the past to clean the floor or wash clothes. The lower part is decorated with pieces of soft plastic that remind of the hair of the brush.

brush bench

It is clear that the designer plays with the imagination of users, also proposing the idea of ​​feeling a dwarf in a world of giants, where a brush serves as a bench to rest and leave your feet hanging in a country like Liliput.
Scrub Together was a designer in the 2003 year and even today it can be acquired through the official website of its designer.

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