If you are thinking about renewing the decoration of your bath and you want to give it a delicate and feminine "touch" with a certain air shabby chic, below you can see an example that can inspire you:

bathroom in pink

If there is a feminine and delicate color, that is, without a doubt, the pink. And, it is precisely the pink color in a very soft tone that has been chosen to decorate this charming bathroom.

The pink color applied to the wood and combined with the other elements in white is the protagonist of the decoration. Of course, in this case, the complements and small details have a great role.

ladder and hanger

La ladder white and used as an original hanger for towels and other garments creates a beautiful and delicate contrast with the pink wood on which it is supported.
Following that romantic line, a practical hanger Heart shaped right next to the sink.

fruit bowl vinatge

An old fruit platter vintage style has become the perfect complement to place, order and display different soaps and other products own bathroom. A truly original detail that contributes to create a special, different, charming.


La flowers They are a very important element in the decoration of this bathroom, they are very present and always in very delicate pink tones that combine and contrast perfectly with the rest of the decoration. In addition, natural flowers provide a soft and rich aroma to the environment.

Many glass containers have also been used, many of which are reused containers, such as bottles and small jars.