When I saw this image, the first thing I looked at was the quilt made with the patchwork technique that I like so much but that I never have time to do. That's why I had not noticed the real goal of the post: head board of the bed.

bookshelfXXUMX books

It consists of many overlapping book covers to create a very original and colorful rectangular structure. Before starting to realize it we must know the materials that we will need, once we know this, the images will guide us through the process.


- a large assortment of book covers, only covers, without the text sheets. They can be cut carefully with a cutter or resort to used book stores)

- Strong glue, able to adhere strongly to wood and paper creating a solid and durable surface.

- spray for finishing polyurethane

- pencils or pens to mark

- some heavy object to lean on the books while they dry

- a large wooden or marquetry wood panel with the measurements of the headboard that we want to install. On it we will stick all the covers of the books.

Next we will see the process developed in images. It is very simple to make, you just have to be patient so that each book dries well on the wood.

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