One of the animals that we automatically identify with the wild animal world is a zebra. An inhabitant par excellence (with its predators, lions, cheetahs, etc ...) of the jungle and savannah, its characteristic skin has inspired one of the readers of the web Design Sponge.

According to what they tell us in the blog, Maria Jones She saw a console similar to the one we see in the image and was taken with it. The problem was that the price was a bit out of the budget: 3.000 dollars (a little less in euros), which decided to make your own. He asked for help from his sister and between the two they got an incredible result.

They only needed:

- three wooden boards (two equal for the legs and one for the board)

- nail gun or hammer

- nails

- zebra contact paper

- scissors

- thumbtacks

(I would also add glue, to make sure that the paper is well attached, the thumbtacks are merely decorative).

First they mounted the console, fixing each part with the nails, and then proceeded to paste the paper. Carefully, without leaving any wrinkles and spreading the tail well we will get. Once the paper is pasted, we will proceed to place the thumbtacks on the front, which will be seen.

We already have our zebra console and finally for only 100 dollars (70 €). The saving has been more than significant.