Any decorative element that we have chosen ourselves will inspire in us a special feeling because we will feel it more part of us, as part of our own personality transferred to our home. When in addition that object has been made by hand is much more, it is part of ourselves.

That's why we like 2.0 decoration crafts so much, because they are a bit of ours that remains in our home, as well as something nice and sweet like this box of pompoms, better than better.

It is a picture of flowers to decorate any room, since the colors the size and style will depend on us. We will need a frame with a certain depth, so that after the flowers are well integrated inside.

These flowers are made from wool pompoms that can be made in any color to fit our decoration. We will decorate the background of the painting with a motif that we like, and we will choose both the color of the pom-poms and the color of the frame.

We must get three wires (or more if they are more flowers) that we will then introduce into previously made holes in the lower face of the painting, where our flowers will be held.

When everything is painted, assembled and placed now we only have to look for the place where we are going to put it.

Via: LollyChops