El origami is a simple technique with which we can make crafts of all kinds, including decorative objects that we see in decoration magazines and designer creations. We only need time and a good guide to do it little by little.
For example, in the next video we can see how a dodecahedron is made with paper. It is not very difficult to do but we must be very attentive at every step so as not to get lost.

We will need 60 sheets of paper of the same size (more or less large depending on the size we want) and a bit of glue for the end of the process. Little by little and with patience we will have to go folding each one of the sheets in the same way, identical, and then join them. We will not use glue because if they are well joined they will not move.

Once done, they will be joined five by five, and then the resulting module will be what we join to obtain the final piece. It is a laborious job, in which we can take a little, but we should not be discouraged because the final result is worth it and it will be an excellent decorative object for any part of the house.

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