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When we look for solutions for our bedroom oriented to decorative tendencies of ethnic characteristics it is inevitable not to think about the transformation of our bed, since it is undoubtedly the central object of the provision, whatever the tendency, always framed in a bedroom with traditional logical characteristics.

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That is why in this case we will delve into ethnic representations of this elementary piece of furniture for the making of our bedroom, and if we look for representations of this type, undoubtedly oriental decoration for the Westerners has a very special attraction

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Associated with several beliefs of a religious nature and a very particular philosophy of life, oriental decoration proposes moderation, finding in the little or no ornamentation a bright and very particular aesthetic sense.

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A relevant feature can be found in the materials implemented, low beds, comfortable, whereBamboo and vegetable fibers are present in a rudimentary but very decorative way, the iconography is a brilliant graphic potential of a language that is aesthetically very pleasant.

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But the style seems not to be the exclusive property of oriental designers and this is what it shows Pater Maly A German decorator who developed this wonderful bed with ethnic and minimalist features, inspired by the German Bauhaus style, the creative incorporates elements that determine Japanese culture and achieve the interaction of wood and bamboo

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Although as we argue, austerity seems to be a common denominator, some creations try to play with the rules and present an alternative included in the trend but differential, this happens with Tokyo 802 Modern Platform Bed, where luxury and elegance reign in the atmosphere even in its minimalist character.

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On the other hand, returning to the concept of decoration as a faithful reflection of the universal perception of beauty of a culture as distant as attractive, Buddhism as several of the spiritual and religious concepts of the East also find space in the decoration, respecting all those characteristics that for doctrinal reasons are required, predisposing a Sensory decoration for meditation and the harmony of forms

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