When decorate small spaces the first objective, in most cases, is visually expand the space to avoid the feeling of overwhelm.

Visually expanding the space is possible, we have already commented many times, if we use properly all the resources that the decoration puts at our disposal.

The mirrors, bring luminosity and also create a sense of depth and continuity that translates, after all, in a general sense of spaciousness.
With regard to luminosity, there is an infallible 'trick' that greatly enhances the goal we want to achieve. The trick is to place the mirror in front of a window.
The larger the mirror, the greater the luminosity and also the greater sensation of amplitude, depth and continuity.

Including a large mirror in a small space is possible in many ways, this is an aspect that depends on the type of decoration you want to achieve. You can hang it, put it on the floor, include or dispense with a frame, play with reflections and perspectives, etc.

Whatever your decoration or style, a large mirror in a small space will always be a good choice.

Below you can see some examples:

mirrors in the living room

In this case, not only a mirror has been included in this small room, two large mirrors have been included, supported on the floor.

mirror behind the sofa

In this case, the mirror also reaches the ground. However, it has been placed behind the sofa, so that half of the mirror is hidden. Even so, its size is large enough to offer that visual breadth that is required.

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mirror in the kitchen

The idea is applicable to any space or environment. A good example is this mirror image in the kitchen. Contrary to what may seem at first, placing a large mirror in a small kitchen can not only visually enlarge it, but also make it charming.