The problem of being an essentially calm person is that sometimes it is imperative to be in a hurry. The ability to react to a situation quickly is sometimes essential, as well as being an intelligent and economic reaction. And I, who am calm and very concentrated, sometimes lose perspective and I see myself running against the clock, trying to do things well done in record time, for my style. It happens to me constantly that fixing too much on a design detail I get stuck and I forget the priority of decoration in general.

I want the living room to be a perfect space to be comfortably, to have a wide capacity of people and to have many beautiful details, but nothing very striking. I have a predilection for old pieces, I like the design of the twentieth century between the ten to the seventies, I value old pieces a lot too, but I think they should be put in a proper measure.


A mirror is indispensable and being such an important piece I thought of one like the CHIPPENDALE, with a frame made of wood carved and molded of cherry, maple and walnut. The mirror that is beveled measures in height 41 1 / 2 inches and width 21 1 / 2. This piece belonging to the American design NEWPORT of furniture is one of the permits that I will make in the living room with old pieces. More information on the website