My mother is a lover of animals, and for some time now, she has set up in a land that my family has a chicken coop, but a chicken coop in a big way because it has chickens, turkeys, Moroccans, ducks, and even peacocks.

That's why I have not bought eggs in my house for a long time, since my mother's chickens provide us, and I have to tell you that the eggs are delicious, with a different color from those bought in supermarkets, and with another size

So today I want to talk to you about chicken coops, but since many of you will not have a big land to build a chicken coop in a big way I want to show you a chicken coop very useful for those who have small spaces and want to eat fresh eggs every day.

What do you think of riding a mini chicken coop in your garden? To me the truth that I thought it was a fantastic idea, because I know people who have a mini garden that could take advantage of putting a chicken coop, because he likes animals and of course eating eggs from your own chickens is fantastic.

This urban chicken coop is called ChickenCribs, it is a small chicken coop where you can live at your "wide" relatively up to 3 chicks, because even if you get more you feel too cramped. This chicken house comes in a kit, and they say it's very easy to assemble.

This original idea has occurred to the architect and landscape painter Andreas Stavropoulos, after spending some summer on an Italian farm.

A chicken coop prepared to be predator-proof and using materials such as wood, plastic and steel. It has a part where the chicks can sleep, a rampita and its door is easily accessible. In addition it can also be transported since it has two wings on its sides. And its price is more or less 440 $.

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