Despite the criticism strongly criticized by its detractors throughout the world, especially in France and Italy, the traditional custom of decorating the garden with a gnome is part of our collective imagination and gives this space a childish and fun character. It is true that it is difficult to find one of these northern beings with good looks, in general a little terrifying and malefic, as it is strange to have this figure, so strongly associated with European forests, in a garden with roses and vegetation Mediterranean In any case, our children will appreciate that we raise it and we could use it as lighting (some also serve as an exterior lamp).


There is, fortunately, another alternative to resolve this situation in a more peaceful way and that, in addition to allowing us to have the desired object among our plants, does not put us against the detractors of the tradition and eliminates the risk of being accused by the neighbors by visual contamination or by issuing frightening subliminal messages; the option is to put a URBAN GNOME of the design house VITAMIN LIVING. They are made of white vitrified ceramics, decorated with suggestive and modern designs and measure 21 cm in height. They are so beautiful that they are even invited to enter the house. We can order it on the website