Winter is approaching and although I have nothing against coats, scarves, gloves and heating, if I have much in favor of the sun, fresh air, long baths with cold water and light clothing. It is true that it is the season of recollection and that recollection is necessary, or think about the possibility of living indefinitely in summer, but there are things that during the winter are so strange that the three months that it lasts become a very long wait. Not for nothing at the beginning of spring cities revive and people, motivated by the appearance of a little sun and the improvement of temperature, looks as if summer had already arrived in full.

I miss the good weather not only for the fact that I do not have to be sheltered in layers of cotton but because during the hot, sunny days, and its wonderful nights, it is possible to enjoy outdoor activities. Of course there are those who run through the park in January and who continue to attend the pool (indoor), but it is not the same. We would not think of making a barbecue with our friends and their families, the closest thing would be to make a stew and then sit down to watch television, inside the house.

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Winter is approaching but not yet so it is still a good time to plan outdoors, to exercise away from the deafening halls of the gym and enjoy nature in the company of our family and friends. A barbecue can be an ideal place to see loved ones before entering the cave and share our summer experiences.

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The SHOGUN barbecue, designed by B.Dequet, works with coal and is made of cast iron, like the most traditional ones. It has a central ventilation system; It is easy to clean; it is protected from the wind, which makes it ideal for use on the mountain; its height is adjustable in three positions; the grill have a diameter of 50 cm; It has an auxiliary table to cut and serve wood, and a system of legs adaptable to the ground, also in wood. Its height is 92 cm and its width 71 cm. Do not wait to visit the Web page