The idea of have a domestic garden sounds tempting. Especially if you agree with an ecological way of life where eating naturally begins to be a priority. Even if you do not have a porch, It is a viable project if you bet on a garden intelligent Inside the house. A fantastic alternative to enjoy your favorite plants and vegetables. Put one in your lifeYou will not regret.

smart garden
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We may have already tried it on occasion, but creating and maintaining a garden requires invest time and certain cares essentials of gardening and horticulture. In addition to a minimum space where to ride it abroad of our home. None of this is necessary when we decided to have a smart garden with doors inside. Enough advantages to seriously consider it.

The benefits of a smart garden

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A smart garden at home is capable of give us many satisfactions. For example,
fulfill the dream of cultivate in a very simple way those aromatic herbs that we love to use in family menus. Or in those festive meetings in which we want to show off and take our side more chef. Without ignoring the added satisfaction of to be able to say that we have planted them and they are not bought.

The reality is that a smart garden It poses many advantages. The first one is that we can forget about possible headaches because they hardly require maintenance. Beyond verifying that your operating system is going from strength to strength once we have configured or connected them.

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Another great quality of a smart garden is that adapts smoothly to small interiors, even mini. Great news for the inhabitants of studios and apartments, maybe a couple of millennials newly independent. The reason is that the most basic and individual models can occupy the same as a medium-sized pot. So that the countertop of a piece of furniture or a wide shelf It can be everything they need.

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For large domestic spaces it is possible to choose vertical designs, column type. Without any effort we can have vegetable corners in a living area, in the living room, in the dining room of the kitchen ... Its objective is none other than to facilitate the cultivation of an endless number of plants within households in exchange for zero maintenance.

With or without earth

Best of a smart garden is that there is no single modality, but different formulas thanks to an offer in the market increasingly varied. A quite demanded option are the systems that raise hydroponic crops, that is, where the land is not used. Although it sounds incredible in them the planted varieties will grow healthy and faster than in other substrates.

At his side, Another alternative are the aeroponic crops, with more and more followers as an innovative solution to enjoy a domestic interior garden. Whatever the chosen modality, in any intelligent garden technology is the key of your success. They are mini equipment, equipped with lights to guarantee the lighting needs of the plants and so not have to worry about the level of clarity of the room. Thanks to them, our plant species will carry out the necessary photosynthesis.

When it comes to managing a smart garden, quiet, everything is easy. Their designs incorporate interactive screens that make the functions of a guide or manual very practical. Through its indications it is simple Know everything you need to know growth of the seeds that we have planted, its development y the optical moment of your harvest. The happy ending that we will be waiting with emotion.

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Micro-gardens for the kitchen

When we decide to put a smart garden at home we also give a step forward in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment. These particular orchards generate plant life without using chemical products, fertilizers or pesticides. They are domestic crops ideal for any home interior, and without a doubt the kitchen it is one of the favorite territories.

Even the Swedish decoration giant is firmly committed to them through hydroponic crops that allow choose between 18 different varieties of seeds; since lettuce to sheets of Asian cabbage and aromatic like basil. Through the right nutrients and light we will see the growth and development of our crops, no matter what time of year it is, winter included.

From the first buds ready to replant until the final phase when they are ripe to harvest, which will vary in time according to the type of variety. There are many places from the kitchen where to make a hole to an intelligent garden like that. And of course the windows with blinds they are a must: they will look like attractive planters that will give a fresh and vivid touch to the environment.

The pleasure of cultivating

The pleasure of having participated from beginning to end in the cultivation of our favorite plants and vegetables. It is more than enough reason to welcome this winter to any intelligent garden, such as the Smart Gardens. These devices with aspect of pots and flower beds They are designed to create the proper environment that our plants need and grow healthy. Aromatic herbs, flowers and vegetables. Everything has a place in them and some models offer the possibility of mixing them and cultivating a large number of varieties at the same time. Attention to Designs that support up to 51 seeds different. They will be a success in any corner of the house, with natural light or without it, and with a very bearable energy expenditure. I am already thinking where to place one.

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And you?