Making a small space does not have to be expensive or why occupy much space. This one that we see in the image seems to have a certain oriental inspiration, and in this sense we can find from the small Zen gardens that barely occupy a few centimeters and that come inside a small wooden box, with a bit of sand and mini-rakes to move it , to the large oriental gardens with vegetation, water, sand and even frogs.

But we will stay in a middle ground. Below we see how easy it is to set up a small oriental garden, with reference to this Asian culture such as bamboo canes and stones in the ground.

As a good student of architecture The creation is Fran, a student of architecture that how, did the design and assembly himself, cutting and attaching each table, painting and planting each plant, and the truth is that it has been very nice .

Our congratulations to the creator!

Vía: x4duros


  1. Hello Fran, look I am wanting to decorate my little patio and saw your work and I loved the doubt that I have is that wood you used to make the pots as you finished the bottom.
    Greetings very nice idea.
    Thank you

    • In this project we used 100% tree wood, it is the best. I hope my answer was useful. Good luck with your projects!

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