line is a curious coat hanger designed by Pavel Sidorenko and designed for modern and small apartments. Why? Line has been conceived with a minimalist line that thinks about decorating in the most functional way and that at the same time occupies the minimum space, hence this hanger has no hangers, but some small slots through which to insert the objects that we want to hang.

Our utensils can be stored in several ways. First, we can rest them in the back part, in the gap that is between the wall and the coat rack, preferably a little large objects to easily access them;

we can also use the slot to hang hangers, umbrellas, and things with a grip or thinner part or use the slats that incorporates, and finally and more original, we can use a set of objects that hang from the rack and that at its end have different ways also to hang up.

It has a height of 15 cm and its width can be 145 cm (Line XL), 85 cm (Line M) and 35 cm (Line S).

Further information: Pavel Sidorenko

Vía: Yanko Design

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