Where do we usually put the objects that we take out of our pocket or purse every day when we get home? For a while I used a basket in which I left all my objects when I got home, but little by little I was piling up objects until the only thing that did not fit me was precisely the objects to which I was destined.

Maybe that's why this hanger for objects that is kept in the closet has attracted my attention. Actually it is a shelf, a mini-shelf that is integrated into the closet hanging from the bar of the closet as a hanger.

Your designer is Baiba Lindane and created a metal structure that could function as a support. It can be purchased in three different colors: white, black and green. Of course, you will have to make a hole between the clothes (especially a female problem) to give it its own space, not much since its measurements are: 32 x 28 x 16 cm.

Ah, on the web we also see that it would have another functionality, and very different: the feeding of birds.

More information: Budesing

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