Today is a day of celebration and reconciliation. Hugs, kisses, toasts and chinchín. We are all happy, we have dressed in the best possible way despite the economic crisis and we hope, from the heart, to be able to erase the bad of the year that happened and to put in place the good things that we build with so much effort. At the 8 of the night, of the 31 of December, all of us try to bid goodbye to the 2009 and hope to fall in love with the 2010 at first sight.

For children it is a very special moment in the old night because, apart from the fact that they can fall asleep late and try in passing some glass of wine that has carelessly left a guest on the table, they are indisputable protagonists; they represent the future, their own, that of our families and that of our society. The New Year embraces with affection the new thoughts, the pure feelings and the noble spirits. All this is in the kids.

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I want the children to wake up tomorrow and see how their room has been renovated, along with the year, and enjoy more space and beauty. The ROMA chest of drawers is a retro design from the seventies, it is painted in many colors, striking and bright. Measures 1.30 cm long by 40 cm wide. More information on the website