A few days ago we talked to you about a Very curious and minimalist magazine rack which consisted of a horizontal bar from which hung several rope or cables where the magazines were hung. Do you remember it? Well, this time we changed our orientation and found a vertical model, like a post with slots in which we will keep our favorite publications. magazine-skyscraper2

It is a work of Fredrik Färg of which we have already spoken to you on occasion, and his name is Skyscrape, without a doubt a singular piece that will attract the attention of our visitors. As we see in the images we can acquire more than one and thus form a kind of sculpture. Altogether its shape reminds me of a monument in London whose name I can not remember now.

magazine-skyscraperFurther information: Fredrik Färg

Vía: Yanko Design

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  1. I would like to know the price and where I can buy a vertical magazine rack by Fredrik Färg, I live in Mexico City.
    Thank you,

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