If you have a terrace, a patio or an outdoor space, however small, aprve it!

Having an outside space, however small, is a privilege. Do not allow yourself the luxury of wasting it. With a few simple ideas and a little bit of creativity, you can get a lot out of it, even a simple wall. Below you can see a charming idea that can inspire you to achieve it.


If you have a simple wall, give it shape to turn it into a beautiful corner of enjoyment and relaxation as you can see in the image above.

From the image, we can draw several ideas ...

  • If you put some blocks next to the wall, you can create a tough bank. In addition, you can give the width you prefer based on the available space or your own tastes and needs.
  • The textiles and accessories They are fundamental to provide personality and comfort to any space. Therefore, if you place some cushions on the blocks, the decoration will begin to take shape and style.
  • A simple, comfortable and charming idea is what we can see in the central cushion. If you look, it's about a simple cushion to which some ribbons have been included in order to be able to hang it and, to hang it, a curtain rod placed on the wall has been used. In this way it was possible to hang the cushion turning it into a comfortable backrest.

You see, with just a few simple ideas, very easy to apply in the decoration and very economical, you can turn a simple empty wall into a charming corner in the patio or terrace ideal for relaxing and enjoying outside.