Having an open mind, in terms of decoration, will give us a multitude of options for that room, the living room, the kitchen ... or perhaps that special corner. It is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money to create elegant, comfortable, warm spaces ... etc.

On this occasion we propose a magnificent idea with which to decorate our favorite corner. Simply with a beautiful chair and a vase we have everything to start with.

This proposal is perfect for places in neutral colors. A magnificent idea that helps us to bring that touch of color and joy that we seek. Find a corner of your home, if it can be better illuminated even. Place, in this place, a beautiful chair ... it does not matter so much the color or finish of it ... this time we will look for striking lines, shapes and designs. Think about the details of the chair we have selected.

Now all that remains is to place this chair in the corner and on it a beautiful vase painted white this time, but it can be made of glass or a beautiful glass. Transparency plays with the light contributing the dynamism that we lacked. The flowers that we place, in addition, will provide the color note.

If you love romantic decoration, this is a simple idea with which we can decorate warm and elegant environments. Remember that the chair can also be white, since the color note is given by the same flower ... however we can also locate a nice chair with a color that contrasts with the rest of the room.

Finally, comment that we can replace the vase with some detail that catches our attention. For example we can see how in this image they have replaced this detail with some curious books and the green color of the chair becomes the protagonist of the room.

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Image: patchworkharmony.blogspot.com