Reading is a pleasure for many, a pleasure to which it is impossible to renounce.
It is true that knowledge does not take place. However, a corner for reading in the house does take up space, but for lovers of literature and reading a corner like that is essential. In addition, it can not and should not be any corner, to have some basic requirements, for example: be comfortable and comfortable.

Corner to read

If you still do not have a reading corner at home, do not worry, today we are going to give you some tips so you can create it without complications.

  • Keep in mind that it has to be a corner of relaxation and evasion, so the first element that we should consider is the seat. It is necessary that your chair or armchair is comfortable and comfortable and allows you to relax while enjoying a good book.
  • Another very important aspect to consider is the lighting. This is an aspect to consider not only for comfort, that also, but above all for our own visual health.
    If you have some source of natural light, for example a sale, in which to locate your reading corner, it would be ideal.
    As far as artificial light is concerned, it is best to have a good general lighting and also have a point light spot directed to the reading area.
    This type of lighting must be taken into account even if you have a good source of natural light, since once the sun goes down you will need it.
  • And finally, consider the option of adding storage and support elements for your books, such as some shelf shelves, a side table or some storage baskets. This way you can have your favorite magazines and books or those you're reading on hand ...

Relaxation corner to read

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    I love that little cork table that is next to the chair in the second photo. Does anyone know what brand it is or where can I find it? Thank you!!

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