I am one of those people who forget to put the phone to charge, I am the one that always goes bare battery, and the most interesting conversation of the day I turn off.

But that's not all the disaster I can be, because for more information, I'll tell you that I'm the one that puts the phone on any plug in the house and then I have to walk looking for it. And if with luck I find it the first time I might give it a kick before I see it because of course I have it loaded, but on the ground.

A couple of days ago I put the phone charge in the office, and of course near the plug there is no table or anything so I left the floor, and of course a friend of mine got up, did not notice the presence of my little mobile and ... zassss! he stepped on it. For my luck nothing has happened, for now it works normally, but to avoid these unpleasant surprises I have decided to buy a support for charging the mobile like the one in the image, which also only costs 6 euros and thus I will avoid many headaches.

By the way I will buy one for work and one for home and home I'll put it in the kitchen so when I get to dinner I'll remember to load it, and the next day at breakfast time I'll find it without problem to be able Start the quiet day.

In the images is explained how it works but if it is not clear to you I'll tell you what you have to do is plug in the charger, hang the stand

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Placed between the charger and the plug, it picks up the cable and serves as a shelf for the telephone.