Do you want a work of art in your home, different from paintings of still lifes and seascapes? Italian designers PHOTOFANTASMA have created the MULTI-PIECE HIDDEN OBJECT collection for the DROOG design house, located in the Netherlands. The collection focuses on two magical and very exclusive items, a beautiful and simple clock and a coffee table, which are hidden in a series of boxes that are stored one inside the other.


The clock, which is used as an excuse to develop this novel idea, is wrapped in a large number of wooden boxes that steal prominence and become the true attraction of design, which pursues, as is evident, to transfer the concept of packaging of the merely functional and inconsequential to the main figure level. The boxes that surround the watch are made of OSB agglomerated wood, which is usually used for heavy work, but have been treated in such a fine way that it acquires an aesthetic and artistic value superior to the piece that hides inside. The table is also made of OSB wood and, unlike the clock, it has a box embedded in its surface, which in turn is covered by more boxes that create a unique and very particular object. More information