In terms of decoration, watches and "Your time has arrived". And it is that this object, which sometimes presses you and in others makes you happy, became a key piece of avant-garde styles.

For its forms, the limit is the imagination. The classic styles have mutated to mark the time with a renewed style, but without losing its essence. Those bulky pendulums have given way to current designs.

Time also impacts art. Coming from the work of the eccentric Spanish painter, the Italian firm Arti & Mestieri He found his muse.

Precisely, it was this firm that proposed and carried out a collection of watches that seem to melt along the wall and that recall or represent the aforementioned painting of some artists later.

It is also theirs the idea that the clock tower of London is in the halls of the houses, getting Big Ben to mark the hours as if it were at the foot of the river Tamesis.