We all have an opinion about New York; It attracts us, it makes us tick, or if we already know it, we love it or we would never return. But it is undeniable that in our imaginary is located, in a special place, the American city par excellence. We are all a little NY, if we understand that to be is to live in a globalized, diverse world and, in an orderly and programmed, chaotic way. So, in favor of this universal citizenship, we have the right to remember it and to keep, as we do with the postcards of the sites we visit, a material and evocative memory.


MUJI, the Japanese house of unbranded design, has within its select catalog of products the SET NEW YORK, which is in short a small model that recreates the most representative buildings of the city, some of its deafening traffic and much history of modern architecture. Made of wood and ink, we find a miniature of the sculpture Liberty Illuminating the World -more known as the Statue of Liberty-, a very small Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, also a mini Chrysler Building -the emblematic Art-Deco skyscraper. -, and the set of buildings called City Group Center. The beautiful bill and its price makes us think of putting this city right on top of the television or our desk. More information at www.muji.com

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  1. I agree with Pilar, New York is a state of mind. I already bought the buildings and I have them on TV

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