The time to go to bed is very important since the hours of sleep are restorative for both the body and the mind. We need to rest well to leave behind the fatigue of the previous day and recharge our strength for the next one, that's why the conditions of the bed are very important.

So essential is to have a good mattress as having a good pillow and for this last aspect we present a novelty. Depending on the position we take to sleep we will put our arms in one way or another but often they are located under the pillow. This can be uncomfortable sometimes, even the arm may fall asleep, but we already have the solution: Arms Sleepers Pillow.

Or what is the same "pillow for arms». In this way we can sleep comfortably posing the arm under the pillow in the space intended for him. A luxury for those who sleep in this way that they will have to pay 99.90 € if they want to use it. In addition, its constitution is designed to improve the posture of the neck when sleeping and to avoid snoring. The cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine

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