The inconsistency is not a feature that I find especially positive, I find it unforgivable in scenarios where what is spoken is about ideology, about feelings, about projections. I relate it terribly with the lie because although it is not de facto cheating if it is in principle since it surprises that the expectations generated by something or by someone are not fulfilled at all but they contradict or annul. It is a bad thing the inconsequence but I, who harshly criticizes someone who says he is vegetarian and practices hunting, 15 always arrived late minutes and I can not stand to wait.

Not wanting to wait and being late is an inconsistent but natural attitude to our survival instinct as it is that we love to dine like kings and instead hate to wash dishes as servants. Nobody would hesitate to always be king, or almost nobody to not be absolutist. I can not stand waiting but when I have to do it, I take a deep breath and try to get it right. Of course it makes me lighter if I wait sitting in the armchair of my house, but it starts to seem unbearable if I do it alone in a cafe watching the minute hand and I just fling myself furious on whoever is waiting in the doorway from some metro station, at the door of a park or at a traffic light and arrive late.


In any case, if I have to wait, I hope and have developed a special fondness for electronic books during those endless minutes of despair. The one I currently have is the Sony PRS 505 model that allows me to save and read, with a perfect definition quality, without hurting my eyes, without causing additional fatigue my favorite classic books, news and even magazines and the newspaper of the day. The storage capacity is of 160 titles. The battery lasts for reading 7500 pages and is available in silver, blue and red. You always have to try with the new and if it is to wait seated, it is better to read. More information on the Website