A party is meant to have fun, right? But the fun ends when the party is at home, the guests leave and those in charge pick us up.

Through The Design Blog we have found a great idea to make this task easier. All we need is a large cardboard plate or other material that can be drilled. In Idealist they explain it to us step by step, and we imagine that soon they will commercialize it, but we can also try to make one at home.

When we have gotten the plate we pierce it, with holes large enough for beer cans and soft drinks to enter. The purpose is that the guests deposit their empty cans in these holes so that they are not thrown on the ground to later take them to the recycling container.

I think it's a great idea, but I see a flaw. What happens if the boats are not completely empty? All the content will be poured and then the remedy will be worse than the disease.

More information: Idealist