A music Box as many memories evokes, afternoons of rain, a kiss, a day in the country, those eyes that you like ... it is a decorative element and a timeless gift that speaks of love, romanticism, anniversaries, celebrations. Of loved ones and childhood memories. The music box always creates a reaction, the carousels with its inexhaustible dancer that dances, dances and spins without stopping, stir the memories turning them into a cocktail of memories that surround us.

The children's boxes, with their princess and their story, with dolls, with animals that come to life, with secret compartments, with fairies. The boxes of Elmer the elephant, The Little Prince, all the little fantastic world of our children take shape and music captivating them.


The birth of the music box starts at 1796, it was at this time when the Swiss watchmaker, Antoine Favre (1767-1828), came up with the idea of ​​integrating this type of musical mechanism into the watches, giving rise to today's music box , yesterday and forever.

En Ma- Boite-a-Musique specialize in the distribution of music boxes from 18 notes, up to 144, from the 5 continents, in addition to musical automatons, boxes for rings, musical jewelers and all kinds of accessories, a place where you can find these charming artisan jewels that are so current becoming for many collector's items.



  1. I would like to know how and where I can buy the chest with dolls.


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