Aloni It is a house that is not a house. It is a house, but it is camouflaged in the environment in which it is located, in such a way that looking at it from above, from the sky, its presence is hardly appreciated. It is located on the island of Antiparos (in Greece) and has been designed by an Athens studio called Deca, that has taken advantage of the slope of two mountains to create his particular house.

greece camouflaged house

camouflaged house greece2

The building is almost submerged underground and fused with the environment as an adaptation to the topography of the place. The exterior patios and the white walls are what give us a sign that there is a house, those that give it away, and the terraces, which will serve as a roof, are covered with the same vegetation as the earth that surrounds it. These patios also serve to separate the interior space divided into five areas of life.

camouflaged house greece3

camouflaged house greece4

The result is a house protected from the elements and with a totally natural lighting, since it receives sunlight from all sides.

camouflaged house greece5

camouflaged house greece6

It is located in a rustic area, away from the noise and bustle of the life of the big city, with great views and a quiet environment in which to live. A luxury that changes completely in the interior with a totally contemporary decoration.

Further information: Deca

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