Some time ago we told you about a revolutionary idea with which we could have a fully equipped room in a minimum space, a box. Do you remember Casulo? When opening it we could assemble in a short time a complete room. This would be the same but in a "pack of three", a series of furniture stored in wooden boxes from which we can extract almost a house.

His name is Kenchikukagu, a bit strange but it is not if we take into account that it comes from Japan, specifically from the company Atelier OPA. It consists of a mobile work station, a kitchen and a room. We only need the bathroom and a shelf for television and we would have a house equipped in just a few meters.

The kitchen is equipped with a sink, a small plate for cooking, storage spaces, countertop and even a book rests to have your recipes in sight.

The bedroom opens with a few simple movements and the abrilo we discovered a bed, shelves and drawers to store clothes. The problem is that the bed does not seem too comfortable.

The workstation contains a desk, drawers, a chair and shelves. In it we can put the laptop or television, so that it also serves as furniture for television.

Any of them can be opened and closed when it is not needed, and with total ease. It can be acquired through Amazon Japan for a price of 800,000 Yen (5.700 euros approximately)

It occurs to me that we can combine it with Vertebrae, the bathroom that was organized around a column, and we will have a complete house in a few meters. The rest of the decoration is on your own.

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Further information: Kenchikukagu

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  2. The quality is modern style, the wood chosen color, wooden cabinet to store books, notebooks, diaries, documents and files to work.

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