Prepare to be surprised with a very special architectural project: a manor house located in Boston, that was projected by the New York architecture studio Steven Harris Architects. It is elegant and somewhat palatial, but However, it does not lack modernity. We invite you to discover its different spaces and to recreate in each one of them. Enjoy it.

stately homeIf you are passionate about architecture and interior design, I am sure you like to see photographs of impressive houses. I do not mean ordinary houses like yours and mine, no matter how beautiful they are and how beautiful they are. I speak of special houses, palatial, imposing, gigantic, luxurious ... How is this Manor and modern house at the same time which is located in Boston and which has stolen our senses for a few minutes.

It is not about valuing one by one their spaces, because then surely we will find ways to highlight their defects. It is about being surprised by the images and being ecstatic with them. Of breathe the beauty that these spaces distill, every room of this wonderful house. To enjoy, in short.

Personally, I love this house so special, so elegant and sober at the same time. Architecture is the pillar on which the decoration is based, that responds and accompanies the thousand wonders to the very essence of the residence: luxury with capital letters.

The staircase, the central element of this manor house

It is modern and classic at the same time, and combines both concepts in such a masterful way that it can be strange. This magnificent house in Boston it mixes classic and stately building elements with others of contemporary design. That is, high ceilings, decorative moldings that are everywhere, the soaring doors also decorated with moldings, the classic mouths of the chimneys, the wonderful ones herringbone parquet floors, etc. they coexist with an impressive staircase that can not be more modern.

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The staircase, architectural and sculptural, is the absolute protagonist of the space. The element around which the distribution and organization of the house revolves. When you access the wide hall of the house, the staircase draws the attention of the visitor, leaving a striking first impression.

For the rest, and as in the rest of the house, the decoration is sober, without artifice. There are few decorative elements that distort the minimalist beauty of these interiors.

Sober and very bright interiors

It is true that when I think of Minimalist interiors, halls like those in this manor house in Boston do not come to my mind. However, it seems to me that these beautiful spaces carry the minimalism in the genes; in what would come to be its own architectural and decorative concept.

Although the furniture is not straight lines nor are totally devoid of color, minimalism is evident in the range of soft and neutral colors that has been used. Also in the use of noble materials and in some furniture and design elements, such as the photographs that can be seen on the walls.

The beauty of an elegant and cozy lounge

The combination of the classic with the current It is still evident in the living room of the house, with the addition that some objects and accessories put a mid-modern note that I find very special. This is the case of the imposing ceiling lamp, really special.

The sofas and armchairs are of classic lines, but very versatile, and are upholstered in velvet, with light colors and easy to combine. On the wall, above the fireplace, a large format black and white photograph brings modernity.

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A kitchen that does not look like

It is one of the spaces that most impresses for several reasons. For starters, it does not look like a kitchen. Is about an immense room, surrounded by windows through which a lot of natural light enters. The walls and ceilings are richly decorated with moldings.

You do not see the elements that normally appear in the kitchens. There are no appliances or equipment that we usually have in this area of ​​the house. Three large islands, with contemporary furniture of straight lines, occupy the center of the kitchen. In one of them there is a sink with a faucet and a cooking plate. These are the only elements that indicate the nature of this room.

The studio, a cosmopolitan backwater

Of all the rooms in the house, which is more impressive, the studio has seemed especially beautiful, elegant and cosmopolitan. It remains sober and essential, but in it there are certain elements that give it character.

Like the impressive library at the back of the room, which occupies the entire wall. It is very dark wood, so contrasts with the white walls and ceilings. The classic desks are accompanied by simple chairs of modern design. A lamp mid century modern it helps to elevate the beauty of space.

Designed for rest

Both the bedrooms of this manor house and the bathrooms are designed for relaxation. But nevertheless, they preserve that palatial air that is breathed throughout the house. They have a very interesting mix of comfort and glamor.

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This combination is evident in the master bedroom, very spacious. It is elegant and classic, but also comfortable. The soft carpet, the living area in the back, the natural bedding and with a distinguished touch ... All the elements conspire to highlight that noble environment but cozy at the same time.

As you have been able to see for yourself to walk this wonderful house, even in a virtual way, it is a pleasure for the eyes and the spirit. A luxury for lovers of decoration and interior design. And you? Did you like it?

Photos: Steven Harris Arquitects.