It is possible that we do not have at home a large garden with a tree to make our children a little house on the tree (although on the other hand it is a more American custom than European), but if our little one has a taste for a mini- house for them we can recreate it in their own room.

In this image we see a room completely set like a garden, and with a small house perched on a tree. First of all, you would have to paint the walls as if they were a small forest or garden and then place the necessary elements. The main one? The house of the tree that we see as it is placed on the drawing of the crown of a tree.

Then we add things, and another element that can not be missed in the environment of a tree house is the swing, hanging from a strong branch and made with broad and hard ropes. There is also a wooden table that can be raised and lowered to allow more space for games.

Something that children love are hidden hiding places, where they keep their secret objects that no one can find. In this room the drawers are everywhere. We imagine that the bed is inside the house but they do not teach it to us at any time.

The ambience of this room is the responsibility of the company Kidtropolis that with their ideas they create authentic paradises of fun for children, and not so children, on any subject: sports, princesses, boats, etc ...

The idea is very good but you also have to have loose to do it and of course, also enough space.

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More information: Kidtropolis

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