Nowadays if we look for an original design we always have to give a twist to what we already have, add one more element that does not yet exist in the market, and that is what has been done Matthias Ries with "Plus One », what does it mean "One more".

This name refers to that it would be an extra shelf that we add to a larger shelf. It has not been designed to have a functionality by itself but to serve as a complement to other larger shelves. I could say that it is a parasitic bookcase, which is attached to others, a very useful result.

For example, in it we can highlight some elements that we use most, such as textbooks, a favorite shirt or accessory, our music player .... It would be a way to have the objects that we use the most or that we like the most, at the same time they are at hand.

The main structure, the shelf itself, is made of plywood walnut or maple, but to add to another shelf needs a complement: one had a "U" that holds it to the shelf.

It is lined with cloth, with a kind of woven cloth, to protect the surfaces, both from the wood of the shelf, and that of the shelf, to which it sees attached, either wood or other material.

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