By chance, I found in the network, this photograph that I show you next:

cardboard room

And, now that you have seen it, I am sure that it is as surprising to you as it was to me when I saw it. It really seems impossible that a material as simple as cardboard, a material that we usually get rid of and throw into the container (remember that goes in the blue), can give so much game and have so much to offer at a decorative level.

In this room everything is cardboard: the headboard, the bedside table, the picture that adorns the wall, the picture frame and even the charming lamp that decorates the bedside table.

Seeing the result, it can be said that it is a beautiful project that, if you have children at home, it is worth putting into practice with them.

If you look at the image, make these original furniture and accessories for the room, does not involve too much complication. It is simply a matter of cutting the cardboard in the appropriate and desired way to shape the headboard, the pictures and the lamp; As far as the night table is concerned, all you'll need is a cardboard box of the right size. Once the cardboard is cut it is just a matter of letting the imagination fly and painting the »furniture».
In the photograph of the image, only the color black has been used to decorate the furniture and cardboard accessories of the original room. However, you can use all kinds of colors and designs ... it's about experimenting and having fun!

I assure you that your child will be delighted with the project, have fun and enjoy your cardboard decoration a lot ... After a few days, you can return the image of the room to its usual state.
It can also be an ideal project if you are moving or redecorating the children's room. In this way, while you get home the new furniture your child can have an original room to feel comfortable.

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Do you dare to put this idea into practice?